Internet Lingo (Slang, Initials, Abbreviations, and Acronyms)

Internet Lingo (Slang, Initials, Abbreviations, and Acronyms)

It is an inevitable fact that the internet world has a significant impact on our everyday lives. The number of users on the different internet platforms is growing rapidly. Often we come across certain lingo or slang on the internet and keep thinking what those really mean or puzzled over how to interpret it. If you are a newbie or a cybernaut and wanted to participate in different social media platforms successfully then you should be acquainted with some of the internet lingo, slang, initials, abbreviation or acronyms that internet users have popularized.

The scientific and technological advancement in the second half of the 20th century and the rise of English as a world language has led to the need for creating a large number of new words. It is here that some minor processes of word-formations like abbreviations, acronyms, blending, borrowing, metaphorical extension of meaning, back-formation, etc. have come to play their part. 

Today the users of different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are reshaping written English in ways that some of us find strange. But we should remember that writing system has arisen in response to the needs of communication(on the one hand), and of the materials available for writing (on the other). 

The Semantic languages left out vowels in their writing because these were predictable from the context, but now we also do the same when messaging or posting or tweeting something on the social networks. Pls for please, bk for back, snd for send, are examples where vowel sound has been left out: Pls snd bk immdtly...

Before the invention of the "alphabet", which assigned sounds to symbols uniquely(that is, there is approximately one spelling for each sound), there was a stage of writing called "rebus writing". Rebus writing made use of "homophony" in language, that is, words that sound similar but mean different things. (For example, sun and son in English; also knot, not, naught; be and bee, and so on.) The Sumerians, who invented writing, used the symbol of an arrow, the word for which was pronounced "ti", to denote a word "ti" with the same sound but a very different meaning.  As we can now see, the use of '2' for 'to', or 'be4' for 'before', is a kind of rebus writing. So today the users of the different internet platforms are actually falling back on strategies for making a message short and easy to write that were used by their forebears, the inventors of writing, some millennia earlier. Indeed, linguists say each generation reinvents language, although adults think children "imitate" or "copy" them.

Let us discuss some of the common internet lingo related to the internet world in detail.

Internet Lingo (Slang, Initials, Abbreviations, and Acronyms)

Lingo means special vocabulary or jargon of a particular subject or group of people especially when viewed as unfamiliar. Internet slang is also a kind of language which people commonly use on the internet.

Abbreviation and acronyms are minor processes of word formation which are sometimes used for the production of new words in English. In abbreviation long words are often shortened or abbreviated in informal speech and writing:

ad for advertisement, exam for examination, fridge for refrigerator, lab for laboratory, Prof for Professor, Prez for President. The print media, especially, has almost made a religion of it. 

Lately, a new crop of abbreviations has come up in the wake of the revolution in communication, especially on different social media platforms. We use abbreviations in our messages because it takes a long time to type full messages, and because space is limited on some platforms. It is better to scrupulously avoid them in formal writing.

But acronyms are a different thing altogether. An acronym by definition is 'a word made up of the first letters of the name of something such as an organization' and pronounced as separate words. For example, UNESCO(United Nations Economic Social and Cultural Organization). But if the initial letters pronounced separately the result is called an initialism. For example (BBC)

Jorgon consists of a set of words specific to a department, field or profession. Within its field, jargon does help in keeping communication short, yet effective and even precise. For people not in the field, jargon may be confusing, irritating or misleading.

The following is a list of internet lingo (slang, abbreviations, acronyms or initials) used by different people on the internet.

Internet Lingo 

K ➞ ok

TIA ➞ thanks in advance

b/w  between

ur  your 

msg  message

CU@7 ➞ see you at seven

l8r ➞ later

4U ➞ for you

2day ➞ to day

coz/cuz ➞ because

IDK ➞ I don't know

IDC ➞ I don't care

WBY ➞ what about you

ASAP ➞ as soon as possible

OMG ➞ Oh, my God!

WDYMBT ➞ what do you mean by that

JK ➞ just kidding

JJ ➞ just joking

TBH ➞ to be honest

LOL ➞ laugh at loud

DP ➞ display picture

BYOB ➞ bring your own booze

ETA ➞ estimated time of arrival

TTYL ➞ talk to you later

ROFL ➞ rolling on the floor laughing

BRB ➞ be right back

BBFN ➞ bye bye for now

AFAIK ➞ as far as I know

BTW ➞ by the way

CMIIW ➞ correct me if I'm wrong

FAQ ➞ frequently asked questions

AMA ➞ ask me anything

FYI ➞ for your information

F2F ➞ face to face

IMHO ➞ in my humble opinion

IMO ➞ in my opinion

NM ➞ never mind

NP ➞ no problem

OIC ➞ Oh, I see

PM ➞ private message

DM ➞ direct message

IRL ➞ in real life

MIRL ➞ me in real life

ROTFLMAO ➞ rolling on the floor laughing my ass off

THX ➞ thanks

TYVM ➞ thank you very much

TMI ➞ too much information

PAW ➞ parents are watching

ELI5 ➞ explain like I'M 5

HIFW ➞ how I felt when

ICYMI ➞ in case you miss it

JSYK ➞ just so you know

NSFW ➞ not safe for work

NSFL ➞ not safe for life

MFW ➞ my face when

MRW ➞ my reaction when

SMH ➞ shaking my head

TIL ➞ today I learned

YOLO ➞ you only live once

Twerk ➞ dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.

squee ➞ great delight or excitement

FOMO ➞ fear of missing out

Srsly ➞ seriously

TL;DR ➞ too long; didn't read

TYT ➞ take your time

Stan ➞ an overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity.

BB ➞ baby

WOAT ➞ worst of all time

GOAT ➞ greatest of all time

Dank ➞ really cool

OTP ➞ one true pairing

BFF ➞ best friend(s) forever

GF ➞ girlfriend

BF ➞ boyfriend

IIRC ➞ if I remember correctly

OTOH ➞ on the other hand

POV ➞ point of view

WTH ➞ what the hell

YMMV ➞ your mileage may vary

W8 ➞ wait

NE1 ➞ anyone

Zzzz.. ➞ sleeping or bores

HAND ➞ have a nice day

BBS ➞ be back soon

BBL ➞ be back later

J4F ➞ just for fun

MYOB ➞ mind your own business

FYI ➞ for your information

Sry.PB ➞ sorry. personally busy

HB2U ➞ happy birthday to you

N2S ➞ needless to say

n0rp/pr0n ➞ porn

Lurker ➞ a member of an online community who observes but does not participate

LFG ➞ looking for group

MOTD ➞ message of the day

ISTM ➞ it seems to me

KISS ➞ keep it simple stupid

NSOH ➞ no sense of humour

LTNS ➞ long time no see

W/E ➞ whatever, weekend

A/S/L ➞ age/sex/location

FTFY ➞ fixed that for you

TTBOMK ➞ to the best of my knowledge

F9 ➞ fine

WYSIWYG ➞ what you see is what you get

YHBT ➞ you have been trolled

GBTW ➞ get back to work

DND ➞ do not disturb

TY ➞ thank you

ATB ➞ all the best
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